Phillies Resign Schneider

Firstly may I say that it’s in-advisable to take a week-long vacation in the middle of hot-stove season, especially when you’re trying to maintain a website. So it’s not too surprising that I just so happened to miss one of the Phillies key signings of the offseason, that of new closer Jonathan Papelbon. Personally I feel that 5 years is too long, but replacing Lidge’s $12.5 million with Papelbon’s $12.5 million shouldn’t prove to be too financially difficult.

Secondly, the Phillies brought back a familiar face Thursday.

Cross Backup Catcher off of the Phillies’ offseason to-do list. Brian Schneider, known in 2011 as Vance Worley’s personal catcher, resigned with the Phillies on a one year, $800,000 deal. Schneider can earn an additional $200,000 in incentives, bringing the total potential value of the deal to an even $1 million. Schneider was lackluster at the plate in 2011 to say the least, posting a .176/.246/.256 line in 139 plate appearences. Schneider also hit 2 HR and knocked in 9. Despite his very good defensive abilities, Brian only threw out 3 of 23 base stealers in 2011; that’s a low 13%.

The plus of the deal is that it’s extremely cheap, and to get a 10-plus-year MLB vet at near league-minimum is a good deal. Schneider is known to be a very friendly face in the locker room and is good for team chemistry. Being Worley’s personal catcher, anything to help Worley repeat his 2011 success in 2012 is welcome in my book.


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